And also from Earthbound Spirit, the sequel to the “humbug” meme.

Here are our holiday favorites:

1. Most favorite or looked forward to dessert/cookie/family food.

My sugar cookies.

I miss eating Tiger Meat. We used to do that on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve. I look forward to butterscotch cremes and tassies and stollen(though my Mom’s is closer to the Swiss style with icing) and tassies and pizzellis.

2. Favorite holiday beverage

Bailey’s on the rocks

Love Hot Chocolate. Love Egg Nog. Love Baileys in Hot Chocolate.

3. Favorite tradition

Watching “A Christmas Carol” on Christmas Eve or driving around with my dad looking at Christmas lights.

Working for Santa Clause. (And recruiting others to be Elves.)

4. Favorite Decorations

The Christmas Tree. With pretty lights. And the plush naked angel ornament that my mother gave me.

When I was a kid, I loved bubble lights. Now, my favorite decoration is the brass bell that hangs on my tree and turns it into a big “touch” lamp. Though I dream, one day, of attaining a hand carved, deluxe Christmas Carousel. I met a wood artist when I was 18 that created/carved absolutely amazing ones.

5. Favorite Gifts (given, received, or both) (ES skipped this one…)

The Mysterious Outdoor Christmas Tree for the birds we gave to Mom and Dad. (In the middle of the night. Sneaking around like Ninja Elves.)

The plush wolf C gave me our first Christmas together. It made a real wolf sound when you squeezed it.

BONUS: Favorite Holiday Music

As has been stated before, C likes all Christmas and Holiday music. Our mutual favorite CDs are

(perversely, we both really enjoy the “Fairytale of New York“) and almost anything by Louis Armstrong. We both really enjoy the Bob and Doug McKenzie classic. (We were made for each other, no?)

My favorites?
This one that ES already sampled, “The Christians and the Pagans” by Dar Williams
Marvelous Little Toy” though I prefer the version by the Chad Mitchel Trio.
One of my favorites has proven almost impossible to get my hands on again. It was Jamaican woman singing about her son not wanting to go to bed until he gets what Santa gave mama last year. Cake? no. Toys? no. Turns out it was a kiss. Wonderful song. Can’t find it anywhere. Sigh.
I love the Frozen Logger Song, thought it isn’t strictly a Christmas song.

I am also a big fan of the 80’s classic by Weird Al “Christmas at Ground Zero

That is probably enough for now. If people really want some more, just let me know.