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Awoke to hand wrapped
Brandishing brightest Pepto
Sick bastard did this

Wrap Front

Hubbie waits worried
No one told him I was done
Waiting room saw Hulk

Wrap Back

Putting on my pants
Houdini under water
Must have been faster

Edit: I forgot to add this line as requested.
The lovely pink wrap comes off this Tuesday. (It would have come off sooner, but the doc was on vacation.)
(Wonder what color I’ll get when they do the other hand.)


C: Hey, is this sparkling lemonade for me?
C: Yes.
C: Wow, that’s so nice of you. Thanks.
C: You’re welcome.

C sits down to eat lunch. C joins her, bringing the bottle of sparkling lemonade with him. He opens the bottle and proceeds to drink from it.
C looks at him and raises an eyebrow.

C: I wish you wouldn’t do that.
C: What?
C: Drink out of the bottle.
C: Why?
C: What if I wanted some?
C: That’s why I asked if you bought it for me.
C: So… anytime you ask “Is this for me?” you are really asking “Can I drink this directly from the container?”
C: You understand!
C: No.
C: That’s ’cause you’re a girl. Every guy would know that code.
C: I don’t think that’s right.
C: That’s ’cause you’re a girl, too.

Oddly enough, C is not happy with this lesson in Guy Speak.

You may remember, from before we went into silent running, a plea for help from the Elf Reserves.

Well, I am happy to report a beautiful and joyous Christmas thanks to Elves from all over the country.

Thanks are owed to: Sheena, Florence Nightingale and her partner (our lawyer), Donna Troy, Faith and Justice, Betsy Ross, Parker’s Moms, Legolas, Genasi, Big Ben, and a few more from my where I work.

Thank you all. M1M2 were like giddy little whos.

C&C were there for Christmas day and we took some photos to share.
Tree with Cardinal Topper
No Empty Nest
Sparkle Bird
Two in the Bush
Peace and Joy
Chickadee Swing
Oh, and one from my aunt.
Not all birds

All in all, some 20 or so ornaments arrived at their doorstep. (Obviously, only a small portion are shown here.)

Consider yourselves all awarded Elf Squad Medals of Magical Mischief.

Sorry, friends and fans.
We’ve been busier than we like to be.
And one of us is a little laid up– computer wise (more on that later.)
But we’re back.

Hope you missed us. We certainly missed you.
We’ve got some catching up to do.