You may remember, from before we went into silent running, a plea for help from the Elf Reserves.

Well, I am happy to report a beautiful and joyous Christmas thanks to Elves from all over the country.

Thanks are owed to: Sheena, Florence Nightingale and her partner (our lawyer), Donna Troy, Faith and Justice, Betsy Ross, Parker’s Moms, Legolas, Genasi, Big Ben, and a few more from my where I work.

Thank you all. M1M2 were like giddy little whos.

C&C were there for Christmas day and we took some photos to share.
Tree with Cardinal Topper
No Empty Nest
Sparkle Bird
Two in the Bush
Peace and Joy
Chickadee Swing
Oh, and one from my aunt.
Not all birds

All in all, some 20 or so ornaments arrived at their doorstep. (Obviously, only a small portion are shown here.)

Consider yourselves all awarded Elf Squad Medals of Magical Mischief.