C: Hey, is this sparkling lemonade for me?
C: Yes.
C: Wow, that’s so nice of you. Thanks.
C: You’re welcome.

C sits down to eat lunch. C joins her, bringing the bottle of sparkling lemonade with him. He opens the bottle and proceeds to drink from it.
C looks at him and raises an eyebrow.

C: I wish you wouldn’t do that.
C: What?
C: Drink out of the bottle.
C: Why?
C: What if I wanted some?
C: That’s why I asked if you bought it for me.
C: So… anytime you ask “Is this for me?” you are really asking “Can I drink this directly from the container?”
C: You understand!
C: No.
C: That’s ’cause you’re a girl. Every guy would know that code.
C: I don’t think that’s right.
C: That’s ’cause you’re a girl, too.

Oddly enough, C is not happy with this lesson in Guy Speak.