Conversation the other day at our poker game.

T: I’ve never heard anyone else use that phrase like they do in my home town.
C: What phrase?
T: You suck.
C: You’ve never heard anyone say “You suck?”
T: Sure, but never with that meaning.
C: What meaning?
T: You’re lucky.

C: Excuse me?
T: You know, “you’re really lucky– you suck.”
C: That’s not what that phrase means.
T: Sure it does. You just used it that way.
C: I did not.
T: Sure you did. He beat your hand and you said, “You suck.”
C: Yeah, because he sucks. You’re lucky in poker is denoted by saying “he sucked out.”
T: Really?
C: Yeah.
T: Wow. That explains why everyone always got so upset with me.