Good Job: Working with things you love (e.g. toys, comic books, cupcakes…)
Bad Job: Working with things you hate (e.g. tobacco worms, snot-nosed kids…)

Good Job: Swanky office space (e.g. big windows, new furniture, cool stuff…)
Bad Job: Personal spot in Dilbert country (e.g. beige on beige, cloth walls…)

Good Job: An extraordinary personal secretary/assistant (e.g. Della Street, Pepper Potts, Charlie Young…)
Bad Job: A saboteur in the front office (e.g. Mimi Bobeck, Crystal Smith…)

Good Job: Flexible, free, and valued (e.g. Thomas Banacek, Angus MacGyver…)
Bad Job: Treated like an indenture servant (e.g. Milton Waddams…)

Good Job: Supportive Boss (e.g. Pete Thornton, Kermit the Frog…)
Bad Job: Clueless, Hurtful Boss (e.g. Bill Lumbergh, Wilhelm Klink…)

That is all.