So, I went to see Wanted the other week.
C was not interested in the movie, so I was forced to scare up some fellow geeks to go with.
(C is not interested in assassins, secret societies, or Angelina Jolie’s tattooed backside, so her reluctance to see the movie is understandable.)

Since I am: fascinated by assassins, obsessed with comic book movies, and not at all opposed to Ms. Jolie’s inked backside, I felt obligated to go.

First, the movie deviated from the comic book. Not a little. Not somewhat. Almost completely. Boo.

Second, the story (the new story) wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t great.

Third, they didn’t justify or explain their mythos in a way that I could buy into. (I’m a comic book geek, folks– I’ll buy almost any story if you make it somewhat consistent or coherent.) Curving bullets I can buy. Curving bullets because you snap your wrist as you fire the gun (as if this will put a spin on the bullet) is ridiculous. BOO!

Fourth, the Loom of Fate was … I don’t know. I’m torn. Could be OK. Seemed lame.

Fifth, the rat plan— again, could have been OK. Seemed ultra lame in its execution.

All in all– a waste of my time.
I should have stayed home with C.