Last Friday night, C&C went with a friend and another friend to see Kung Fu Panda.
(Everyone else was there to see a different movie.)

First– if you go see Kung Fu Panda, be prepared for a younger demographic in the seats surrounding you.

If you are actually able to hear and watch the movie, we think you will probably enjoy it.

The animation is sharp with a rich color palette. The characters are enjoyable and well voiced. It is an excellent homage to the Saturday morning Kung Fu theater I used to watch when I was kid. They even did the “stop motion” I remember from those old fights.
Jack Black wasn’t nearly as annoying as we thought he might be.

And, it was kinda cool to see a fat character as the hero for a change.
(No reason, why do you ask?) OK, I admit, there have been a few heroes like that.

Four thumbs up from us.