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Cupcakes on a winter day

Cupcakes on a winter day

A few weeks ago, I was home on a Sunday afternoon awaiting a phone call that would greatly determine my future path. I needed something creative, fun, time consuming and distracting!
I started reading the blog from Bakerella and found her cupcake bite instructions. I am now a fan of the precious cupcake bite!
Here’s what I did to make these babies….
1. Bake a cake (I fully confess it was a box mix. German chocolate. I know-not from scratch! Don’t be judging on me…)
2. Once the cake is cooled, break it up and mix in some frosting until it is sticky enough to form it into little cake balls.
3. Pop ’em in the freezer and melt chocolate candy coating (little disks of coating you can buy at craft stores)
4. Get a candy mold that looks like little peanut butter cup bottoms (or cupcake bottoms)
5. Fill the candy molds about 3/4 the way full then plop a cooled cake ball on top
6. Stick them back in the freezer. After a few minutes, you should be able to unmold the naked cake balls, now with a candy bottom! (This is sounding rather dirty but I ASSURE you it is good clean fun)
7. Melt the other candy coating (in adorable pastel colors) that you purchased for this crazy project.
8. Take the chilled naked balls from the freezer…I mean take the cooled cake balls…there that sounds more respectable…and dip them into the coating to cover the ball completely.
9. Turn over and quickly decorate with super cute sprinkles.
10. Admire your creation and take pictures for the friends you wish were there to enjoy cake bites with you!


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