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C&C were travelin’ around the southwest earlier this month.
I had started an in-depth, day by day, travelogue– when it occurred to me– that it was the equivalent of making people come over and look at your vacation slide show.
Decidedly un-fun.

So… here are the highlights and lessons from our walkabout.

• A good friend is one who will drive you and your stuff to the airport.
(A great friend will pick you up and then serve en-route snacks and beverages.)

• A good host will serve a good meal or two while you are there.
(A awesome host will bake pastries in the morning so you wake up to yumminess.)

Warhammer Quest is fun when played in NM.
(After some discussion, we’ve decided that NM does not count as a stop on the WHQ World Tour. Since it counts as home base for half our party, it doesn’t count as a tour stop.)

• You know it is a good restaurant when everyone enjoys what they ordered.
(You know you are dining with good friends when everyone shares what they ordered.)

• Santa Fe is cool.
(Friends who drive to Santa Fe to “exchange” us host-to-host are cooler.)

Restaurants that are also bakeries do not always have the best desserts.
(But the sandwiches and the pizzas were deeeeelicious.)

• The Moon Rabbit is a toy store run by really nice, friendly folks.
(Zombie Flux is a cool game. Less with the backstabbing and friend-eating–see Zombies.)

• The Chuck Jones Studio Gallery is my new favorite gallery.
(I’m adding the Sorcerer’s Apprentice print to my b-day list.)

• The Santa Fe Cathedral is worth visiting and is very awe-inspiring.
(At the very least, the statue of a winged St. Francis dancing has to be seen.)

• Again with the friends cooking us breakfast. How did we ever get such good friends?

Bandelier National Monument is very cool. We did not climb the ladders or tour the caves.
(Don’t miss the nature trail. We saw prairie lizards, mountain skinks, a garter snake, and a pocket gopher.)

• Visiting the White Rock overlook is a good idea.
(Stopping at the grocery store and picking up stuff for a picnic lunch at the overlook is absolutely brilliant.)

• Back to Santa Fe for another host-to-host exchange.
(The best brisket we’ve ever had was at the restaurant where we met. Yummy. The Tres Leche cake is also amazing and unique.)

More WHQ. More games. More good food and good friends.

Zombies is not a bad game.
(Unless you don’t like games where you stab your friends in the back, mess with them, and generally win by successfully feeding them to the zombies. For the record, C does not like those kinds of games.)

More bakery to greet us in the morning.

• The Wildlife West Nature Park was the best $7 (per person) we’ve ever spent. The park only takes in animals native to the southwest that are unable to be released to the wild. Some are injured, but most are victims of being illegally kept as pets or imprinted to the point where they can’t fend for themselves.
** I can tell you how many front teeth an elk has, and what their breath smell like.
** Bears eat a lot and they get very itchy when it starts to rain on them.
** Gray foxes smell almost as bad as skunks, but are way cuter.
** Mountain Lions are really fast and sneaky and their teeth are HUGE.
** One of the mountain lions has a crush on our friend.
** If you go, try to be at the mountain lions at 1:30 when the handler goes in and “plays” with them. (We missed that. Maybe next time.)
** If you are smart enough to bring your camera, and smart enough to put the camera strap around your wrist, do not bump the battery compartment latch while leaning over the animal enclosure. (When we get the pictures, we’ll try to post them.)

• Being on a television set is very cool. Watching them film a television show is interesting/boring depending on your point of view.

Geocaching looks like it might be fun.
(I’m adding a mobile gps unit to my b-day list.)

• Pizza on the grill is yummylicious.
(Grilled pizza on the deck of a friend’s house watching the sun set on the mountains is…priceless.)

Hey, look, more WHQ. (We’re told they haven’t put the game away yet. They’re waiting for us to come back. Awwww… that’s sweet.)

And now we’re back.
And the biggest highlight of the whole trip:
being cared for and pampered by such good friends.

It is better than we deserve and more than we could have hoped for.
And we’re going to go back.


Some of you might be planning a regular trip in the very near future.
C has just finished planning for that regular trip. (C isn’t coming this year. We are very sad.)
Anyway, just because she wasn’t traveling, doesn’t mean C was going to stop planning.

So, together, with some help from some friends, we have a RAFT ready to go.

If you want a copy, just let us know. (We’re not posting it this year.)

Also, for those who are wondering about that other event– it’ll be Friday at 8 pm.
(oops, misread our own secret plans…)
Location, as usual, to be determined. Invite only, again, as usual.
Want an invite, see C or contact him.

Secretive enough?

Dinner Conversation tonight:
If you were a game, which one would you be?

C says,
Don’t Break the Ice (because it’s a funny answer)
Mad Magazine (because its GOOFY)
Apples to Apples (fun to guess what people are going to say, and she likes being the judge)

C says,
Kerplunk (good game for a klutz)
Wise or Otherwise (proverbs and bluffing, whats not to like)
Tri-Bond (everything is connected in some way)

Which game do you think we are?
Which game would you be?

Start: 1,000 virtual poker chips

+ Bankroll Management Advice from Chris “Jesus” Ferguson

+ ~1 year

= Yesterday: 107,435 virtual poker chips

Next step?
Time to start over in a non-virtual way…


Ah, the poor, lonely dodecahedron.
The 12 sided die.
Really only good for randomizing the month (assuming a Roman calendar, of course) or rolling damage for your battle axe (nasty weapon, the battle axe.)

Do not cry, little 12 sided dice.
You are not alone, anymore.
Opal absolutely ADORES you.

Opal, get away from my dice bag! Opal, where did you take my dice? Ouch! I stepped on another 12-sider. Dear, Opal wants to play a Barbarian– a spastic, klutzy, battle-axe, weilding Barbarian. Or maybe she’s designing a new d12 gaming system.

The newest tagline from our favorite show, HEROES, is “Can Sylar be stopped?”

Sylar is the big baddie on the show– a sociopath with the power to copy/steal other Heroe’s powers. Unfortunately, his means of copying/stealing powers involves slicing open their forehead and removing their brain– a process that is, as you might guess, fatal.

At this time, Sylar has “stolen” the following powers:
See/Decipher Complex Systems (this is actually his “Copy/Steal Power”)
Telekinesis – moving things with his mind (which he uses for the head-slicing)
Cyrokinesis – freezing things (including people)
Eidetic Memory – complete photographic memory, increased learning ability
Liquify – reduce any solid object to liquid (ugly, ugly power–though not that useful)
Super Hearing – pretty much what it sounds like, more useful than you might think
Precognition – the ability to draw/paint scenes from the future
? – and there are several more that we don’t know about

Now, when I was a kid, I used to make up super heroes and super villians. I also made up special cells to hold criminals with super powers. It was an amusing creative exercise. OK, I admit it. I still do it now. So, this question of “can Sylar be stopped” really gets to me.

I started thinking about all of his powers and how they might be overcome/counteracted.
His defensive powers are pretty limited– if you can suprise him. But that enhanced hearing is a problem. Whatever you do, it has to be silent for faster than sound.
My thoughts go on like this for quite a while. Whatever you do, you had better do it right the first time, no hesitation, no possibility of recovery. (Sylar has been captured twice now and both times ended poorly– because people want information from him and think they can keep him helpless. Bad, bad idea. My friend, Mengler, wouldn’t have made that mistake.)

To add to the fun– the previews of the future episode show a small girl who “has the power to stop Sylar”. Really? One power? Oh, my. Whatever could it be. My geek brain goes into overdrive trying to figure out what power that would be.

Blow him up from a distance? (She was small, cute little girl– pretty harsh idea.)
Stop him in place? (Hiro already has that power and it hasn’t worked for some reason.)
Block his powers? (The Hatian can do that– so that is unlikely…)
De-evolution? (That would be cool… cute girl looks at you and you get younger by the second…)

So, I’m thinking all of this out-loud. And C is listening, tolerating my geekiness.
And then she says,

“She could just make him a good person.”

… … … … … …
… … … …
… …

“Huh. I hadn’t thought of that.”

And I hadn’t. It would never have occurred to me.
I looked at C, and wondered at her elegant solution.

And then I realized

She was just playing the Buddy card.
(From Wiz-War, the best beer-and-pretzels game I’ve ever played.)

In the next version of Wiz-War, Buddy will be an Attack spell. This will upset C, but she’ll still play it on you.